64B4-6.0046. Course Content Requirement of Continuing Education Courses for Renewal Laws and Rules Course

Effective on Thursday, January 2, 2014
  • 1(1) The renewal laws and rules course shall be three (3) hours in duration.

    15(2) The course shall provide information about and review changes to the laws and rules contained in Chapters 456 and 491, F.S., and Rule Title 64B4, F.A.C.

    42(3) The renewal laws and rules course must be presented by a Board approved continuing education provider or a Board approved laws and rules course provider.

    68(4) Prior to presenting the initial program, the provider must provide the Board with a sample laws and rules course containing a detailed agenda specifying content and time frames for instruction that meets all of the following criteria:

    106(a) Is a graduate level course.

    112(b) Has stated learning objectives and is of sufficient duration to present the topic in depth and detail to accomplish these objectives.

    134(c) Is appropriate for the purposes of establishing and maintaining knowledge of the laws and rules regulating the practice of clinical social work, marriage and family therapy and mental health counseling.

    165(d) Is presented by a person who meets at least one of the following criteria:

    1801. Has received a specialized graduate or post-graduate level training in the subject area taught in the program, or holds an active license to practice law in the State of Florida.

    2112. Has extensive experience to include no less than 2 years of practical application or research involving the subject taught in the program.

    2343. Holds a Florida license to practice clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, or mental health counseling.

    252(5) The Board retains the right and authority to audit and/or monitor courses and review records and course materials given by any provider approved to provide a renewal laws and rules course. The Board shall rescind the provider status or reject any future renewal laws and rules courses given by a provider if the provider: disseminated any false or misleading information in connection with the continuing educ319ation program; failed to conform to laws and rules of the Board; and if any of the faculty are in violation of the rules of the Board.

    346Rulemaking Authority 348456.013(9), 349491.007(2), 350491.0085 FS. 352Law Implemented 354456.013, 355491.007(2), 356491.0085 FS. 358History359‒New 1-2-14.


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