64B5-14.0036. Treatment of Sedated Patients by Dentists Without an Anesthesia Permit  

Effective on Monday, August 19, 2013
  • 1The provisions of this rule control the treatment of patients where an anesthesia permitted dentist sedates the dental patient in his or her board-inspected and board-registered dental office and a Florida licensed dentist without an anesthesia permit performs the dental treatment. This rule shall control notwithstanding any rule provision in this Chapter to the contrary, which prohibits such conduct.

    60(1) The permitted dentist shall perform the sedation in his or her out-patient dental office where the permitted dentist is registered to perform the anesthesia services;

    86(2) The permitted dentist shall remain with the patient from the onset of the performance of the anesthesia until discharge of the patient;

    109(3) The permitted dentist shall have no other patient induced with anesthesia or begin the performance of any other anesthesia services until the patient is discharged;

    135(4) The treating dentist shall have taken a minimum of four hours of continuing education in airway management prior to treating any sedated patient. 159Two hours must be in didactic training in providing dentistry on sedated patients with compromised airways and two hours must include hands-on training in airway management of sedated patients. 188After the initial airway management course, the treating dentist shall continue to repeat a minimum of four hours in airway management every four years 212from the date the course was last taken by the dentist223. The continuing education courses taken may be credited toward the mandatory thirty hours of continuing education required for licensure renewal. 244The requirement that a dentist must first have taken an initial airway management course before treating a sedated patient shall not take effect until March 1, 2014.

    271Rulemaking Authority 273466.004(4), 274466.017 FS. 276Law Implemented 278466.017 FS. 280History–New 3-14-13, Amended 8-19-13.


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