64B5-15.018. Initial Permit Fees for General Anesthesia, Pediatric Moderate Sedation, and Parenteral Moderate Sedation Permits  

Effective on Tuesday, September 12, 2017
  • 1(1) The initial fee for a General Anesthesia Permit shall be $200.00.

    13(2) The initial fee for a 19Moderate 20Sedation Permit shall be $200.00.

    25(3) The initial fee for a Pediatric 32Moderate 33Sedation Permit shall be $200.00.

    38(4) Initial permit fees may be refunded if the applicant is denied the permit without inspection.

    54Rulemaking Authority 56466.004, 57466.017 FS. 59Law Implemented 61466.017 FS. 63History–New 11-16-89, Formerly 21G-15.018, 61F5-15.018, 59Q-15.018, Amended 9-9-98, 2-14-06, 9-12-17.


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