64B5-17.0105. Ownership of Dental Instruments by a Dental Hygienist

Effective on Monday, June 3, 2019
  • 1For purposes of interpreting sections 6466.0285, 7466.024, 8466.023 9and 10466.0235, F.S., 12a Dental Hygienist is not precluded from owning dental instruments used by her or him in the provision of dental hygiene services, 34working under the authorization of dentist or providing dental hygiene services to carry out provisions outlined in the statute when a supervising dentist is not required60.

    61Rulemaking Authority 63466.004 FS. 65Law Implemented 67466.0285 FS. 69History–New 12-23-02, Amended 6-3-19.