64B5-2.021. Additional Education Requirements for Reexamination  

Effective on Monday, June 12, 2000
  • 1(1) Any applicant who has failed to pass the clinical examination in three attempts shall not be eligible for reexamination until he or she completes a one year general practice residency, advanced education general dentistry residency, or pedodontic residency or a minimum of one academic year of undergraduate clinical coursework in dentistry at a dental school approved by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation. At the time of application for reexamination the applicant must furnish proof from the educational institution of successful completion of one of the residency programs listed above or the required coursework. However, for those applicants completing their coursework immediately prior to the examination or those applicants who have completed at least 9 months of a general practice residency, who cannot provide an official transcript, proof of having successfully completed the required coursework or residency shall consist of a statement from the dean of the school where the coursework or residency was completed that the requirements of this rule will have been met prior to the date set for issuance of examination grades. Grades received by a candidate taking the examination pursuant to this exception will not be certified, and grade results will be null and void if successful completion of the coursework or residency has not been established prior to the date set for issuance of examination grades. Successful completion of coursework shall be established by submission of an official transcript.

    238(2) The statutory provision that an applicant complete additional educational requirements if he or she fails to pass a specified portion of the examination three times is interpreted by the Board to mean that additional education shall be required after every third unsuccessful attempt, i.e., after the third, sixth, ninth, etc., attempts.

    290Rulemaking Authority 292466.004 FS. 294Law Implemented 296466.006 FS. 298History–New 9-4-84, Formerly 21G-2.21, Amended 1-6-87, 11-16-89, Formerly 21G-2.021, 61F5-2.021, 59Q-2.021, Amended 6-12-00.


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