64B5-9.011. Radiography Training for Dental Assistants

Effective on Tuesday, October 22, 2019
  • 1(1) Dental assistants may position and expose dental radiographic images only if they have been certified by the Department as dental radiographers or have graduated from a Board-approved dental assisting school or program.

    34(2) Dental assistants may be certified as dental radiographers if they comply with the following requirements:

    50(a) Apply for certification on 55DH-MQA 1202, Dental Radiography Certification Application (Rev. 05/2019), incorporated herein by reference and available at 70http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-11194, 72and available on the Department of Health’s website at 81http://floridadentistry.gov/licensing/dental-radiographer/, 82and submit the nonrefundable fee prescribed by rule 9064B5-15.015, 91F.A.C.;

    92(b) Document having completed at least 3 months of continuous on-the-job training through assisting in the positioning of digital radiographic sensors and positioning and exposing of dental radiographic images under the direct supervision of a Florida licensed dentist; and,

    131(c) Document successful completion of a Board-approved course which meets the requirements of subsection 14564B5-9.011(3), 146F.A.C., within 12 months after completion of the on-the-job training required by subsection 15964B5-9.011(2), 160F.A.C.

    161(3) Only courses which provide training in the following areas may receive Board approval:

    175(a) Dental radiography practice and equipment;

    181(b) Radiation biology and radiation safety techniques;

    188(c) Hands-on instruction in the positioning of digital radiographic sensors and films through the use of appropriate mannequins that will provide the didactic objectives;

    212(d) Radiographic anatomy;

    215(e) Radiographic images, films, and processing;

    221(f) Intra-oral radiographic techniques;

    225(g) Supplemental techniques of dental radiography; and,

    232(h) Infection control and sterilization techniques.

    238(4) A dental assistant’s certification as a dental radiographer must be conspicuously displayed to the public in any dental office where these services are performed.

    263Rulemaking Authority 265456.013, 266466.004, 267466.017(7) FS. 269Law Implemented 271456.013, 272456.0635, 273466.017(7) FS. 275History–New 9-20-80, Amended 1-28-81, Formerly 21G-9.11, Amended 12-31-86, 1-18-89, 4-24-91, Formerly 21G-9.011, 61F5-9.011, 59Q-9.011, Amended 6-12-00, 5-20-01, 12-11-12, 5-12-16, 4-11-17, 10-22-19.