64B6-8.004. Transfer of Trainee to Another Sponsor  

Effective on Thursday, September 13, 1990
  • 1The Department may approve two transfers of a trainee from the trainee’s sponsor to another eligible sponsor, prior to the completion of the training program, upon the request of either the sponsor or the trainee. A transfer shall be ratified by the Board at the next available Board meeting. The Board may approve another transfer, prior to the completion of the training program, only under exceptional circumstances. Whenever a transfer is approved, credit may be transferred, at the discretion of the Board, for the stages of the training program completed.

    91Specific Authority 93484.0445(1) FS. 95Law Implemented 97484.0445, 98484.045 FS. 100History–New 8-12-87, Amended 9-13-90, Formerly 21JJ-8.004, 61G9-8.004.