64B7-25.004. Endorsements  

Effective on Thursday, March 22, 2018
  • 1The Department shall issue a license by endorsement to a person who:

    13(1) Pays to the Department the initial licensure fee set forth in subsection 64B7-27.001, F.A.C.;

    28(2) Submits a completed application on form DH-MQA 1115, “Massage Therapist Licensure Application,” (Rev. 7/16), adopted and incorporated by reference in Rule 5164B7-25.001, 52F.A.C.;

    53(3) Is currently licensed and has practiced massage under the laws of another state, and was required, in order to be so licensed to meet standards of education or apprenticeship training substantially similar to, equivalent to, or more stringent than those required for licensure by Sections 456, 480, F.S., and Rule Title 64B7, F.A.C.

    107(4) Demonstrates that the out-of-state license was issued upon the satisfactory completion of an examination comparable to the examination approved by the Board or presents certification to the Board of successful completion of an approved examination for licensure subsequent to the issuance of the our-of-state license;

    153(5) Has no outstanding or unresolved complaints filed in any jurisdiction where licensure is held; and,

    169(6) Completes a 10 hour Florida Laws and Rules course offered by a Board approved school or Board approved continuing education provider.

    191Rulemaking Authority 193456.013(2), 194480.035(7), 195480.041(4)(c) FS. 197Law Implemented 199456.013(2), 200480.041(4)(c) FS. 202History–New 11-27-79, Amended 7-9-80, 8-29-83, 10-9-85, Formerly 21L-25.04, Amended 6-12-88, 8-15-89, 2-11-93, Formerly 21L-25.004, Amended 9-15-94, 1-9-95, 8-18-96, 1-29-97, Formerly 61G11-25.004, Amended 6-22-99, 12-6-06, 3-31-08, 6-15-09, 7-21-10, 1-16-14, 3-13-17, 3-22-18.


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