64B7-26.003. Massage Establishment Operations  

Effective on Tuesday, February 25, 2020
  • 1(1) Each establishment must meet the following facility requirements:

    10(a) Comply with all municipal building code requirements.

    18(b) Provide restroom facilities, which include at a minimum:

    271. One toilet and one sink with running water.

    362. Toilet tissue.

    393. Soap dispenser with soap or other hand sanitizing agent.

    494. Sanitary towels for hand drying, or another hand drying device, such as a wall-mounted electric blow dryer.

    675. Waste receptacle.

    70(c) Centralized restroom facilities within three hundred feet of the massage establishment may be substituted for establishments which reside in buildings that are so equipped.

    95(d) When equipped with a whirlpool bath, sauna (including wet, dry and infrared), steam cabinet or steam room, provide shower facilities which include at a minimum:

    1211. One shower fixture with running hot and cold water.

    1312. Separation of shower facility from other facilities by means of a curtain or other visual divider.

    148(e) Provide lavatory facilities in each treatment room, or within twenty feet of each treatment room which include at a minimum:

    1691. A sink with running water, soap dispenser with soap, and sanitary towels for hand drying or another hand drying device, such as a wall-mounted electric blow dryer, or

    1982. Hand sanitizer or another chemical germicidal designed to disinfect without the use of running water.

    214(f) Maintain all facilities in good repair, well-lighted and properly ventilated.

    225(2) Each establishment must meet the following safety requirements:

    234(a) Maintain a fire extinguisher on premises, which meets standards for inspection and maintenance as required by Rule 25269A-21.237, 253F.A.C., effective October 20, 1993, incorporated by reference 261at 262https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-11510264.

    265(b) Provide for safe storage and removal of flammable materials.

    275(3) Each establishment must meet the following sanitary requirements:

    284(a) Provide for the removal of refuse.

    291(b) Use effective control measures to prevent entry and harborage of vermin and pets.

    305(4) Each establishment must meet the following requirements for equipment and supplies used in the practice of massage therapy:

    324(a) All equipment intended for use in the performance of massage services must be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition.

    345(b) Massage table surface must be made of, or covered by, a non-porous, non-absorbent material that is free from rips or tears.

    367(c) Non-porous, non-absorbent massage table surfact or covering must be disinfected after each client.

    381(d) If the massage table is additionally covered by sheets, towels, or other coverings in addition to a non-porous, non-absorbent material, such covering must be changed after each client.

    410(e) Maintain a sufficient supply of clean drapes for each client while massage services are performed.

    426“Drapes,” as used herein, may include, but shall not be limited to: towels, gowns, sheets and linens.

    444(f) Drapes and other materials furnished for use by the client must be laundered before reuse.

    460(5) Establishments which provide colonic irrigation must:

    467(a) Maintain colonic irrigation equipment in safe and sanitary condition.

    477(b) Maintain sterilization equipment if non-disposable colonic attachments are used.

    487(6) Each establishment shall maintain property damage and bodily injury liability insurance. The original or a copy of such policy shall be current and available on the premises of the establishment.

    518Rulemaking Authority 520480.035(7), 521480.043(3) FS. 523Law Implemented 525480.043(3) FS. 527History–New 11-27-79, Amended 10-13-81, 9-10-84, 9-25-85, Formerly 21L-26.03, Amended 4-30-87, 6-12-89, 8-15-89, 5-31-92, 11-2-92, Formerly 21L-26.003, 61G11-26.003, Amended 2-16-99, 11-4-99, 6-8-00, 2-25-20.