64B7-32.002. Proof of Graduation  

Effective on Sunday, December 31, 2017
  • 1To be acknowledged as a graduate, the Board’s administrative office must receive:

    13(1) A graduate list which identifies the applicant, or

    22(2) An official transcript, indicating that the applicant has met all educational and institutional requirements. An official transcript must:

    41(a) Indicate dates of enrollment and graduation.

    48(b) Contain a list of courses which satisfy the course of study requirements in paragraph 6364B7-32.003(1)(b), 64F.A.C., and indicate completion of courses by the applicant during enrollment.

    75(c) Be signed by an approved signer.

    82(d) Be sent directly from the school or custodian of records to the Board office in a sealed envelope.

    101Rulemaking Authority 103480.035(7) FS. 105Law Implemented 107480.033(9), 108480.041(1)(b) FS. 110History–New 3-25-86, Formerly 21L-32.002, Amended 2-13-95, 2-21-96, Formerly 61G11-32.002, Amended 2-26-12, 12-8-13, 3-10-16, 12-31-17.


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