64B7-32.005. Minimum Standards for Colonics Training  

Effective on Sunday, December 31, 2017
  • 1(1) Any course of study in colonic irrigation shall be in addition to the minimum course of study provided in paragraph 2264B7-32.003(1)(c), 23F.A.C.

    24(2) An in-state Board approved massage school shall submit a course of study for colonic irrigation training to the Board for approval prior to offering colonic irrigation training.

    52(3) A course of study in colonic irrigation shall include at a minimum, the 100 classroom hours listed below, completed at a rate of no more than 6 classroom hours per day and no more than 30 classroom hours per calendar week:

    94Area of Study

    97Classroom Hours

    99Theory, anatomy, physiology, pathology of the colon and digestive system and principles of colon hygiene.


    115Clinical practicum, including procedure, history, clinical records, contra-indication, and 20 treatments.


    127Sterilization techniques and equipment training.


    133Rulemaking Authority 135480.035(7) FS. 137Law Implemented 139480.033(9), 140480.041(1)(b), 141(5)(c) FS. History–New 3-25-86, Amended 4-26-87, 1-31-90, 2-7-91, Formerly 21L-32.005, 61G11-32.005, Amended 12-31-17.


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