64B8-3.006. Registration Fee for Dispensing Practitioners  

Effective on Monday, November 30, 1992
  • 1Every practitioner who dispenses medicinal drugs for human consumption to his or her patients in the regular course of practice for fee or remuneration of any kind, whether direct or indirect, must register and pay a fee of $100.00 at the time of registration and upon renewal of his or her license.

    53Rulemaking Authority 55458.309, 56465.0276(2)(a) FS. 58Law Implemented 60465.0276 FS., 62as amended by s. 95, Ch. 92-149, Laws of Florida. History–New 11-15-88, Amended 11-30-92, Formerly 21M-19.006, 61F6-19.006, 59R-3.006.