64B8-30.008. Formulary  

Effective on Wednesday, October 26, 2016
  • 1(1) Physician Assistants approved to prescribe medicinal drugs under the provisions of Section 14458.347(4)(e) 15or 16459.022(4)(e), F.S., 18are not authorized to prescribe the following medicinal drugs, in pure form or combination:

    32(a) Controlled substances, as defined in Chapter 893, F.S. Effective January 1, 2017, Physician Assistants may prescribe controlled substances, as defined in Chapter 893, F.S., with the following restrictions:

    611. Physician Assistants may not prescribe psychiatric mental health controlled substances for children younger than 18 years of age.

    802. Physician Assistants may only prescribe a 7-day supply of Schedule II controlled substances as listed in Section 98893.03, F.S.

    100(b) General, spinal or epidural anesthetics.

    106(c) Radiographic contrast materials.

    110(2) A supervising physician may delegate to a prescribing physician assistant only such authorized medicinal drugs as are used in the supervising physician’s practice, not listed in subsection (1).

    139(3) Subject to the requirements of this subsection, Sections 148456.44, 149458.347, 150458.3265, 151459.022 152and 153459.0137, F.S., 155and the rules enacted thereunder, drugs not appearing on this formulary may be delegated by a supervising physician to a prescribing physician assistant to prescribe.

    180(4) Nothing herein prohibits a supervising physician from delegating to a physician assistant the authority to order medicinal drugs for a hospitalized patient of the supervising physician, nor does anything herein prohibit a supervising physician from delegating to a physician assistant the administration of a medicinal drug under the direction and supervision of the physician.

    235Rulemaking Authority 237458.309, 238458.347(4)(f)1. FS. 240Law Implemented 242458.347(4)(e), 243(f), 244458.3265, 245456.44 FS. 247History–New 3-12-94, Formerly 61F6-17.0038, Amended 11-30-94, 2-22-95, 1-24-96, 11-13-96, 3-26-97, Formerly 59R-30.008, Amended 11-26-97, 1-11-99, 12-28-99, 6-20-00, 11-13-00, 2-15-02, 7-30-03, 8-2-09, 10-26-16.


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