64B8-30.012. Physician Assistant Performance  

Effective on Tuesday, July 19, 2016
  • 1(1) A supervising physician shall delegate only tasks and procedures to the physician assistant which are within the supervising physician’s scope of practice. The physician assistant may work in any setting that is within the scope of practice of the supervising physician’s practice. The supervising physician’s scope of practice shall be defined for the purpose of this section as “those tasks and procedures which the supervising physician is qualified by training or experience to perform.”

    76(2) The decision to permit the physician assistant to perform a task or procedure under direct or indirect supervision is made by the supervising physician based on reasonable medical judgment regarding the probability of morbidity and mortality to the patient. Furthermore, the supervising physician must be certain that the physician assistant is knowledgeable and skilled in performing the tasks and procedures assigned.

    138(3) All tasks and procedures performed by the physician assistant must be documented in the appropriate medical record.

    156(4) In a medical emergency the physician assistant will act in accordance with his or her training and knowledge to maintain life support until a licensed physician assumes responsibility for the patient.

    188Rulemaking Authority 190458.309, 191458.347(4)(a), 192(13) FS. Law Implemented 196458.347(2), 197(3), (4), (13) FS. History–New 5-13-87, Amended 7-7-87, 11-15-88, 9-15-92, Formerly 21M-17.012, Amended 11-4-93, Formerly 61F6-17.012, 59R-30.012, Amended 10-13-98, 3-28-99, 11-17-03, 2-2-10, 7-19-16.


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