64B8-4.008. Authorization for Release of Information  

Effective on Tuesday, October 29, 2019
  • 1Each applicant for licensure shall submit at the time of filing the application an executed authorization and release on a form supplied by the Department, requesting and directing the inspection and furnishing to the Department and Board, or any of its authorized representatives, of all relevant documents, records or other information pertaining to the applicant.

    56Rulemaking Authority 58458.309, 59458.311, 60458.313, 61458.315, 62458.317 FS. 64Law Implemented 66458.311, 67458.313, 68458.315, 69458.317 FS. 71History–New 3-31-80, Formerly 21M-22.08, 21M-22.008, 61F6-22.008, 59R-4.008, Amended 10-29-19.