64B8-44.001. Nutrition Assessment  

Effective on Tuesday, December 4, 1990
  • 1A nutrition assessment is the evaluation of the nutritional needs of individuals or groups using data to determine nutrient needs or status and to make appropriate nutrition recommendations. Objective and subjective information may be gathered from observations, interviews, and written records. Appropriate data shall include some or all of the following:

    52(1) Dietary history and current dietary intake including types and quantities of nutrients consumed;

    66(2) Anthropometric measures such as height, weight, and measurements of body fat and muscle;

    80(3) Information from health care providers including previous medical charting data and laboratory results of biochemical tests ordered by the client’s physician;

    102(4) Individual and family health history and status;

    110(5) Demographic factors such as cultural, religious, occupational, educational, residential, environmental, and socio-economic background;

    124(6) Recreation and exercise patterns;

    129(7) Client knowledge and perception about individual and family nutritional status and nutritional goals.

    143Specific Authority 145468.507 FS. 147Law Implemented 149468.503(8) FS. 151History–New 12-4-90, Formerly 21M-50.001, 61F6-50.001, 59R-44.001.