64B8-44.0055. Notice of Non-Compliance - Minor Violations

Effective on Monday, February 19, 2018
  • 1(1) A Notice of noncompliance is a notification by the department issued to a licensee as a first response to a minor violation of Board rule. It is not accompanied by a fine or other disciplinary penalty.

    38(2) The Board designates the following as minor violations for which a notice of noncompliance may be issued for the first violation thereof:

    61(a) Failure to notify the Department of a change of address within 60 days, in violation of Rule 7964B8-40.008, 80F.A.C.

    81(b) Failure to display license, in violation of Rule 9064B8-44.002, 91F.A.C.

    92Rulemaking Authority 94120.695, 95456.073(3), 96468.507 FS. 98Law Implemented 100120.695, 101456.073(3) FS. 103History–New 2-19-18.


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