64B8-44.007. Standards of Practice  

Effective on Wednesday, July 13, 2016
  • 1Licensees, under Chapter 468, Part X, F.S., shall comply with the following standards in their professional practice and conduct.

    20(1) The licensee shall maintain confidentiality of information.

    28(2) The licensee shall recognize and exercise professional judgement within the limits of the licensee’s qualifications and seek counsel or make referrals as appropriate.

    52(3) The licensee shall take reasonable action to inform a patient’s physician or encourage the patient to consult the physician where a patient’s nutritional status indicated a change in health status or new information about the health status has surfaced. This shall be documented in the patient’s record.

    100(4) The licensee shall accurately present professional qualifications and credentials. The licensee shall use “LD,” “LN,” “LNC,” “RD” or “Registered Dietition,” or “RDN” only when licensure is current and authorized by the Council, Board, and Department.

    140(5) The licensee shall permit use of that licensee’s name to certify that professional services have been rendered only if the licensee has provided or supervised those services.

    1686) The licensee shall be responsible for all delegated acts performed by persons under either direct or indirect supervision. Supervision means the licensee oversees the activities of those persons and gives final approval to any procedures by non-licensed supportive personnel. Direct supervision means on-site supervision.

    213(7) Licensees shall not maintain clinical laboratories or collect or order analysis of any human specimen sample unless they also hold licensure as designated practitioners defined by Section 241483.035(1) 242or 243483.041(7), F.S.

    245(8) Any modality such as naturopathy or colonic irrigation shall be performed only if the individual is properly licensed by the Department. These practices are not within the scope of dietetics/nutrition practice.

    277(9) The licensee’s initial nutritional assessment of a patient must be done in a face-to-face setting, and may not be done by telephone, fax, or internet, except through use of a two point or multiple point video-conferencing system to provide each participant with a video camera, microphone and speakers which allow video and audio communication between all participants as if they were virtually seated in the same room. Communication between the patient and the licensee subsequent to the initial nutritional assessment may be accomplished either face-to-face or by other means, in the reasonable clinical judgment of the licensee. Federal programs that are federally funded are exempt from this subsection, so long as the administration of the program follows the dictates of the federal statutes and rules applicable to the program.

    407Rulemaking Authority 409456.072(1)(t), 410468.503(4), 411468.507, 412468.516(1)(a), 413(2)(a) FS. Law Implemented 417456.072(1)(t), 418468.503(4), 419468.516, 420468.517, 421468.518 FS. 423History–New 6-22-94, Formerly 61F6-50.007, Amended 2-20-96, Formerly 59R-44.007, Amended 7-14-03, 4-26-04, 1-8-07, Amended 7-6-10, 7-13-16.


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