64B8-44.010. Mediation  

Effective on Wednesday, August 20, 2014
  • 1The Board finds that mediation is an acceptable resolution of the following first time violations that are economic in nature or can be remedied by the licensee:

    28(1) Failure to comply with the educational course requirements for human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

    46(2) Permitting a license to become delinquent for fewer than thirty (30) days, provided the licensee has not practiced, attempted to practice or offered to practice the profession during the delinquency period.

    78(3) Failure to promptly return a license or certificate to the Department.

    90(4) Failure to keep license conspicuously displayed in licensee’s office, place of business or place of employment.

    107(5) Failure to timely pay fines or costs imposed in a final order.

    120(6) Advertising violations.

    123(7) Overcharging for patient records.

    128(8) Tendering a dishonored check or electronic payment to the Department for payment of licensure or renewal.

    145(9) Failure to notify the Department of a change of address within sixty (60) days.

    160Rulemaking Authority 162456.078, 163468.507 FS. 165Law Implemented 167456.078 FS. 169History–New 12-28-94, Formerly 59R-44.010, Amended 8-20-14.


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