64B8-50.003. Delegation of Powers and Duties to Electrolysis Council  

Effective on Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • 1(1) Pursuant to section 5478.43, F.S., 7the Board delegates to the Electrolysis Council the following powers and duties.

    19(a) Approval and denial of applicants for examination and applicants for endorsement.

    31(b) Approval and denial of continuing education providers and electrolysis training programs.

    43(c) Approval and denial of Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) Exemptions pursuant to section 57435.07, 58Florida Statutes.

    60(d) The authority to accept non-disciplinary voluntary relinquishments.

    68(e) The authority to notice rules for development and to propose rules to the Board.

    83(2) Rulemaking proposals and petitions to adopt, amend, or repeal rules relating to the practice of electrology shall first be presented to the Council. The Council shall consider the matter and make recommendations to the Board as to the appropriate action to be taken.

    127Rulemaking Authority 129478.43(1), 130(3) FS. Law Implemented 134478.43(3), 135435.07 FS. 137History–New 5-31-93, Formerly 21M-75.003, Amended 11-16-93, Formerly 61F6-75.003, 59R-50.003, Amended 2-11-08, 2-15-10, 11-7-16, 7-10-18.


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