64B8-53.001. General Requirements for Pre-licensure Electrolysis Training Programs  

Effective on Wednesday, February 15, 2017
  • 1A pre-licensure electrolysis training program 6must demonstrate that it will comply with the following general requirements in order to 20be approved by the Council:

    25(1) The electrolysis training program is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education and the license is a current, unencumbered provisional, regular or biennial license issued pursuant to Sections 1005.31-.38, F.S.

    56(2) Electrolysis training programs intended to train individuals to practice in Florida 68must provide the Electrolysis Council copies of all documents submitted to the Department of Education for initial approval and renewal by the Commission for Independent Education. Failure to provide these materials to the Council shall result in a denial or revocation of program approval 112by the Council115.

    116(3) 117The didactic portion of the required training may include online or home study courses.

    131(4) The content of the training program must meet the minimum curriculum standards set forth in Rule 14864B8-53.002, 149F.A.C. The training program must provide the equipment listed in Rule 16064B8-53.003, 161F.A.C. The training program shall be located in an electrology facility licensed under Rule 17564B8-51.006, 176F.A.C. An electrolysis training program must meet the requirements for combining epilator, laser and light-based training contained by the rules in Chapter 64B8-53, F.A.C., 200no later than March 1, 2018.

    206(5) Electrolysis training programs shall be strictly limited to training in permanent hair removal, laser or light-based hair reduction, or both.

    227(6) All students in the clinical application phase of an electrolysis training program, as described in subsection 24464B8-53.002(2), 245F.A.C., shall have access to the equipment needed for the procedure being taught.

    258(7) An electrolysis training program in another state or jurisdiction which does not license the practice of electrolysis shall be an approved electrolysis training program if it meets requirements substantially equivalent to those in Chapter 64B8-53, F.A.C.

    295(8) Students shall not be admitted to the training program until it is approved by the Council.

    312(9) The facility where initial training is offered shall submit to the Council at least the following:

    329(a) A statement of the educational goals and objectives of the program;

    341(b) A detailed course outline or syllabus, including method of instruction, and testing materials;

    355(c) A current curriculum vitae of the course instructor(s);

    364(365d) A sample certificate of completion which states the number of classroom hours completed and the number of clinical hours completed.

    386Rulemaking Authority 388478.43(1), 389(4) FS. Law Implemented 393478.43(4), 394478.45(1)(e), 395478.50(4)(b) FS. 397History–New 9-29-93, Formerly 61F6-78.001, Amended 6-19-96, Formerly 59R-53.001, Amended 11-13-97, 2-15-07, 2-15-17.


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