64B8-9.001. Physician Office Adverse Incident Reporting  

Effective on Tuesday, June 25, 2019
  • 1(1) Any “adverse incident” as defined in section 9458.351(4), F.S., 11shall be reported to the Department of Health in accordance with section 23458.351, F.S., 25on form DH-MQA1030 (Revised 03/2019), entitled “Physician Office Adverse Incident Report,” which is hereby incorporated by reference and available at 46http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-481065149.

    50(2) Definitions.

    52(a) “Licensee” for purposes of this rule, includes a physician or physician assistant issued a license, registration, or certificate, for any period of time, pursuant to chapter 458, F.S.

    81(b) “Office maintained by a physician” as that term is used in section 94458.351(1), F.S., 96is defined as a business location where the physician delivers medical services regardless of whether other physicians are practicing at the same location or the business is non-physician owned.

    125(3) Adverse Incident Report Review and Analysis. Evidence of compliance with this paragraph will be considered in mitigation in the event the Board takes disciplinary action.

    151(a) The physician shall be responsible for the regular and systematic reviewing of all incident reports filed by the physician or physician assistant under the physician’s supervision, for the purpose of identifying factors that contributed to the adverse incident and identifying trends or patterns as to time, place, or persons. The physician shall implement corrective actions and incident prevention education and training indicated by the review of each adverse incident and upon emergence of any trend or pattern in incident occurrence.

    232(b) Copies of incident reports shall be maintained in the physician office.

    244Rulemaking Authority 246458.309(1), 247458.351(7) FS. 249Law Implemented 251458.351 FS. 253History–New 3-9-00, Amended 11-11-15, 6-25-19.