64B9-11.002. Medical Records of Nurses Relocating or Terminating Practice

Effective on Tuesday, July 30, 2019
  • 1(1) The Board of Nursing and the Legislature recognize the need for maintenance and retention of medical records in order to protect and serve clients/patients. For that reason, the Legislature has directed the Board of Nursing to promulgate rules setting standards that will provide a minimum requirement for retention and disposition of client/patient records of nurses relocating and terminating practice. However, the Board of Nursing is concerned that the promulgation of these rules may mislead the licensed nurses. Subsection (2) of this rule sets forth standards which, if not met, will constitute a violation of sections 97456.058 98and 99464.018, F.S., 101and will subject the nurse to disciplinary proceedings. Nurses should retain medical records as long as needed not only to serve and protect clients/patients, but also to protect themselves against adverse actions. The times specified in subsection (2), below, may well be less than the length of time necessary for protecting the nurses. Furthermore, the times stated may fall below the community standards for retention in specific communities and practice settings and for specific client/patient needs. For these purposes, nurses may wish to seek advice from private legal counsel or their insurance carrier.

    194(2) Each Registered Nurse or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse engaged in private practice, who maintains possession of client/patient medical records, shall, when terminating or relocating practice in such a manner as to no longer be reasonably available to clients/patients, notify each client/patient of such termination or relocation and unavailability. Such notification shall consist of at least causing to be published, in the newspaper of greatest general circulation in each county in which the nurse practices or practiced, a notice which shall contain the date of termination or relocation and an address at which medical records may be obtained. Such notice shall be published no less than 4 times over a period of at least 4 weeks. In addition, the nurse shall place in a conspicuous location in or on the facade of the nurse’s office, a sign, announcing the termination or relocation of the practice. The sign shall be placed at least thirty (30) days prior to the termination or relocation and shall remain until the date of termination or relocation. Both the notice and the sign shall advise the clients/patients of their opportunity to transfer or receive their medical records. Furthermore, each such licensee shall see that client/patient records are maintained and may be obtained by the client/patient for a minimum of 2 years after the termination or relocation of practice.

    416Rulemaking Authority 418456.058 FS. 420Law Implemented 422456.058 FS. 424History–New 6-6-90, Formerly 21O-22.002, 61F7-11.002, 59S-11.002, Amended 1-9-12, 7-30-19.