64B9-3.0025. Remedial Courses for Reexamination  

Effective on Monday, February 11, 2019
  • 1To meet the requirements of section 7464.008(3), F.S., 9remedial courses must be approved by the Board, and must meet the following requirements:

    23(1) The faculty qualifications and clinical training shall comply with the standards in sections 37464.019(1)(a), 38(c), (d), and (e), F.S.

    43(2) The curriculum shall comply with the guidelines in sections 53464.019(1)(f) 54and (g), F.S., and shall include a minimum of 80 hours didactic education and 96 hours clinical experience in medical-surgical, long term care and community-based care settings.

    81(3) The program must not be on probation and in good standing for the program level type of the course offered.

    102Rulemaking Authority 104464.008(3) FS. 106Law Implemented 108464.008(3) FS. 110History–New 3-23-00, Amended 10-25-10, 11-8-16, 2-11-19.