64B9-5.001. Definitions  

Effective on Tuesday, June 9, 2009
  • 1(1) Appropriate Continuing Education. Planned offerings designed to enhance learning and promote the continued development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes consistent with contemporary standards for nursing practice. the individual’s nursing practice.

    32(2) Approval Number. Number assigned by the Board to designate an approved provider or offering.

    47(3) Approved. Acceptable to the Board of Nursing.

    55(4) Contact Hour. One (1) contact hour equals 63sixty 64(656660) minutes. One half (1/2 or .5) contact hour equals 76thirty 77(783079) minutes.

    81(5) Offering. A planned educational experience dealing with a specific content based on the stated learner objectives.

    98(6) Orientation – Standard Agency Operation. The means by which nurses are introduced to the philosophy, goals, policies, procedures, role expectations, physical facilities and special services in a specific work setting. Orientation does not meet the continuing education requirement for the purpose of these rules.

    143(7) Participation. Sharing in the learning experience in order to achieve the stated learner objectives.

    158(8) Provider. The individual or agency conducting the continuing education offering.

    169(9) Self-directed Study. A prior Board approved self-directed learning experience, originated, implemented, and evaluated by the individual and designed with specific objectives to increase knowledge in a given area.

    198Rulemaking 199Authority 200464.006 FS. 202Law Implemented 204464.013(3) FS. 206History–New 9-12-79, Amended 10-6-82, Formerly 21O-13.08, Amended 3-3-87, Formerly 21O-13.008, Amended 9-28-93, Formerly 61F7-5.001, Amended 5-2222-95, 1-1-96, Formerly 59S-5.001, Amended 6-9-09.

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