64B9-5.003. Standards for Continuing Education  

Effective on Tuesday, January 3, 2012
  • 1(1) Learner Objectives. Objectives shall describe expected learner outcomes in behavioral terms, can be evaluated, are attainable, and are relevant to current nursing practice. Objectives shall determine the content, teaching methodology and plan for evaluation.

    36(2) Subject Matter. The Content shall be specifically designed to meet the objectives and the stated level and learning needs of the participants. The content shall be planned in logical order and reflect input from experts in the subject matter. Appropriate subject matter for continuing education offering shall reflect the professional educational needs for the learner in order to meet the health care needs of the consumer and consist of content from one or more of the following:

    114(a) Nursing practice areas and special health care problems.

    123(b) Biological, physical, behavioral and social sciences.

    130(c) Legal aspects of health care.

    136(d) Management/administration of health care personnel and patient care.

    145(e) Teaching/learning process of health care personnel and patients.

    154(f) Subjects which are taken at an accredited educational institution as verified by an official transcript, that meet any one of the criteria in paragraphs 17964B9-5.003(2)(a)-180(e), F.A.C., and are advanced beyond that completed for original licensure may be approved for continuing education under this rule.

    200(g) Personal development subject matter must include application of content as it relates to improved patient care.

    217(3) Faculty Qualifications.

    220(a) The faculty shall provide evidence of academic preparation and/or experience in the subject matter. Evidence concerning faculty qualifications shall be presented to the Board upon request.

    247(b) When the subject matter of an offering includes nursing practice, a nurse with expertise in the content area must be involved in the planning and instruction.

    274(c) Nurse faculty other than those exempted in Section 283464.022(7), F.S., 285supervising learning experiences in a clinical area in this State shall be currently licensed in the State of Florida.

    304(d) When an offering includes clinical nursing practice in Florida, a Florida licensed nurse competent in the practice area shall provide supervision.

    326(4) Materials and Methods. Evidence satisfactory to the Board shall be presented that:

    339(a) Learning experiences and teaching methods are appropriate to achieve the objectives.

    351(b) Time allotted for each activity shall be sufficient for the learner to meet the objectives.

    367(c) Principles of adult education are utilized in determining teaching strategies and learning activities.

    381(5) Evaluation. Evidence satisfactory to the Board shall be presented that participants are given an opportunity to evaluate learning experiences, instructional methods, facilities and resources used for the offering. Self-directed learning experiences, including but not limited to home study, computer programs, internet or web-based courses, are required to evaluate learner knowledge at the completion of the learning experience. The evaluation must include a minimum of 10 questions. The learner must achieve a minimum score of 70% on the evaluation to receive the contact hours. The evaluation must be graded by the provider.

    473(6) Contact Hour Criteria.

    477(a) All offerings shall be at least 60 minutes in length or one (1) contact hour.

    493(b) Increments of 30 minutes will be accepted when the offering extends beyond the one (1) contact hour.

    511(c) Contact hours shall be awarded for clinical as well as classroom education.

    524(7) Self-directed Learning – Standards for Self-directed Learning.

    532(a) Construction of the learning experience shall be developed, implemented and evaluated by the licensee requesting contact hours.

    550(b) Specific learning needs must be related to nursing practice and shall be identified.

    564(c) Objectives shall state expected outcomes of the learning experience.

    574(d) Preceptors must meet qualifications as identified in subsection (3), F.A.C., above.

    586(e) The proposal shall state an explanation of expected length and plan for documenting contact hours.

    602(8) Standards for Continuing Education Providers. Providers seeking Board approval shall meet each of the Standards outlined herein:

    620(a) All educational offerings conducted by the provider shall meet the Standards for Continuing Education Offerings as outlined in these rules.

    641(b) Providers shall adhere to guidelines as established by the Board.

    652(c) There shall be a designated person assuming responsibility for continuing education offerings for nurses. If the contact person is not a nurse, provision should be made for insuring nursing input in overall program planning and evaluation.

    689(d) Target audience will be identified for each offering.

    698(e) Currency and accuracy of subject matter will be documented by references/bibliography.

    710(f) Program shall have stated, long term, coordinated plan for providing continuing education offerings based on data related to specific characteristics of its learner population including learner needs and methods of assessing these needs. There shall be a tangible plan for ongoing evaluation of the program content, faculty, learning process and evaluation tools. Evaluation data will be analyzed and the conclusions utilized in program planning, design, and continuity.

    778(g) Providers shall establish written policies and procedures for implementation of the continuing education program.

    793(h) Providers shall maintain a system of record-keeping which provides for storage of individual offering information.

    809(i) Records of individual offerings shall be maintained for four years for inspection by the Board.

    825(j) Providers shall furnish each participant with an authenticated individual Certificate of Attendance.

    838(k) Providers shall maintain security of attendance records and certificates.

    848Rulemaking Authority 850464.006 FS. 852Law Implemented 854464.013(3) FS. 856History–New 9-12-79, Amended 10-6-82, Formerly 21O-13.09, Amended 8-18-88, 3-28-89, Formerly 21O-13.009, 61F7-5.003, Amended 5-2-95, Formerly 59S-5.003, Amended 7-30-00, 2-22-04, 1-3-12.


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