64B9-5.011. Continuing Education on Prevention of Medical Errors  

Effective on Sunday, January 10, 2016
  • 1To receive Board approval, each course on prevention of medical errors shall consist of a minimum of at least two (2) hours of classroom or an equivalent home study program and shall include at a minimum the following subject areas:

    41(1) Factors that impact the occurrence of medical errors;

    50(2) Recognizing error-prone situations;

    54(3) Processes to improve patient outcomes;

    60(4) Responsibilities for reporting;

    64(5) Safety needs of special populations;

    70(6) Public education.

    73Rulemaking Authority 75456.013(7) FS. 77Law Implemented 79456.013(7) FS. 81History–New 5-2-02, Amended 1-10-16.


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