64D-3.043. Tuberculosis Treatment and Follow-up  

Effective on Monday, November 20, 2006
  • 1(1) An individualized treatment plan shall be prescribed by providers licensed under Chapter 458, 459 or 464, F.S., for each person in their care who has suspected or confirmed active Tuberculosis.

    32(a) The treatment plan must be consistent with current standards of medical practice and include information regarding:

    491. Provisions for treatment to cure;

    552. Provisions for follow-up;

    593. Delivery of treatment, e.g., directly observed therapy if appropriate;

    694. A case management approach as defined by Department guidelines.

    79(b) The treatment plan must be documented on TB Medical Report and Treatment Plan, DH Form 1173, 02/98, incorporated by reference, available online at: 103www.doh.state.fl.us/disease%5Fctrl/tb/tbforms/dohpdffo104r105ms/1173/DH1173-TBTxPlan02-98.pdf106.

    107(2) The county health department director, administrator or their designee shall document the case management approach as defined in Department guidelines “Tuberculosis (TB) Case Management/Team Approach,” 4/98, incorporated by reference, available from the Department of Health, Bureau of TB and Refugee Health, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin A-09, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1720.

    159(3) The county health department shall provide a complete explanation of Tuberculosis, the medical risks associated with Tuberculosis, the need to comply with the prescribed course of the treatment plan, and the consequences of non-compliance with the treatment plan to each patient suspected or proven to have Tuberculosis, to the patient’s legal guardian or to the patient’s caregiver. The explanation shall be culturally, developmentally, educationally and linguistically appropriate and tailored to the understanding of the patient, the patient’s legal guardian or the patient’s caregiver.

    243Rulemaking Authority 245381.0011, 246381.003(2), 247392.53, 248392.55(1), 249392.64(1), 250392.66 FS. 252Law Implemented 254381.0011, 255381.003(1)(a), 256392.53, 257392.55(2), 258(3), 259392.56(2)(b), 260392.59, 261392.61, 262392.64(1) FS. 264History–New 11-20-06.


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