64E-12.003. Water Supply  

Effective on Sunday, January 20, 2008
  • 1(1) Water supplies shall be adequate to serve the demands of the facility and shall be constructed, operated and maintained in accordance with requirements of Chapters 62-550 and 62-555 or Chapter 64E-8, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).

    37(a) Routine Testing. 40Facilities served by a drinking water system not regulated by Chapter 64E-8 or 62-550, F.A.C., shall test the water and submit bacteriological water test results to the local county health department (CHD):

    72173. 74B75efore opening the facility,

    792. 80A81t least every 12 months,

    863. 87U88pon relocation,

    904. B92efore having the well placed in service after construction, repair, or modification or,

    1055. A107fter an emergency situation, such as a flood, that may introduce contaminants to the system.

    122(b) 123Test results must be negative for bacteriological contamination.

    131(c) 132Positive test results require the facility to temporarily provide potable water from a source approved by law for the purpose of drinking, cooking, and oral contact until test results a162re negative. 164In addition, wells that test positive shall be disinfected, flushed, and tested for bacterial contamination.

    179(d) 180Laboratory test results must be submitted to the local county health department in writing by the testing laboratory.

    198(e) 199Testing can be obtained through the local county health department or a certified independent laboratory.

    214(2) Drinking water shall be accessible to all residents. When drinking fountains are available, they shall be designed in compliance with the 236applicable plumbing provisions of the State Building Code, as adopted in Rule 2489B-3.047, 249F.A.C. 250When no approved drinking fountains are available, residents shall be provided with single service cups or clean drinking utensils which shall be stored and dispensed in a manner to prevent contamination. Common drinking cups are prohibited.

    286(3) Hot and cold running water under pressure and at safe temperatures, not to exceed 120302° 303Fahrenheit at the faucet to prevent scalding, shall be provided to all restroom lavatories and bathing areas.

    320Specific Authority 322381.006, 323381.006(16) FS. 325Law Implemented 327381.006(16) FS. 329History–New 6-18-87, Amended 8-3337-96, Formerly 10D-23.003, Amended 1-20-08.


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