64E-12.011. Recreational Areas  

Effective on Sunday, January 20, 2008
  • 1(1) The recreational area shall be safe and free from hazardous conditions. Recreational equipment shall have no jagged or sharp projections or other hazardous construction, and shall be maintained in a structurally sound condition.

    35(2) Outdoor recreational areas shall be well drained and kept free of litter and trash.

    50(3) If swimming pools, 54spas, or open water hazards 59are 60located on the property of a 66comm67unity based residential facility, 71the 72facility shall provide direct supervision by an adult employee 81when 82in 83use 84or when the area is occupied by minors 92and other residents 95that cannot swim. 98The individual responsible for supervision during water activites or near water hazards must have successfully completed the community water safety course specified in paragraph (b) below.

    124(a) A wading or kiddy pool is not allowed.

    133(b) 134All community based residential facilities with swimming pools, spas, or open water hazards must have a person on staff who has completed a community water safety course administered by the American Red Cross, YMCA, or any aquatic training program granted approval under paragraph 17764E-9.008(1)(d), 178F179.180A181.182C.

    183(c) A community based residential facility with a pool or spa not currently regulated by Chapter 64E-9, F.A.C., shall minimally, regardless of construction date, meet the barrier requirements in one of the following references: Section 424.2.17 through 424.2.17.3 of the 2004 Florida State Building Code for private swimming pools or Section 234515.29, F.S.

    236(d) 237Water safety devices shall be p243rovided for residential pools. 247A shepherd’s hook shall be provided securely attached to a one piece pole not less than 16 feet in length, and at least one 18 inch diameter lifesaving ring with sufficient rope attached to reach all parts o285f the pool from the pool deck. 292Safety equipment shall be mounted in a conspicuous place and be readily available for use.  Residential spas and hot tubs are exempt from this requirement.

    317Specific Authority 319381.006, 320381.006(16) FS. 322Law Implemented 324381.006, 325381.006(16) FS. 327History–New 6-18-87, Amen330ded 8-7-96, Formerly 10D-23.015, Amended 1-20-08.


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