64J-2.007. Trauma Agency Formation, Plan Approval and Denial Process  

Effective on Monday, September 05, 2016
  • 1(1) The geographic boundaries of a regional trauma agency service area shall be consistent with boundaries of a trauma region as defined in Section 25395.4015, 26F27.28S.

    29(2) To form a trauma agency, an entity shall demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Section 45395.401(1), 46F47.48S49., 50by submitting a trauma system plan to the department.

    59(3) The department shall, within 30 days of receipt of the initial trauma system plan or trauma system plan update, review the plan and notify the trauma agency that the plan is complete or that there are omissions. If there are omissions, the department shall request the required additional information to be submitted by the trauma agency.

    116(4) 117The trauma agency shall submit the requested additional information to the department within 30 days of receipt of the notice of omissions.

    139(5) The department shall deem the plan complete upon receipt of the additional information or the expiration of the 30-day time period, whichever occurs first.

    164(6) The department shall review the plan to determine compliance with Chapter 395, F.S., within 60 days of receipt of the additional information or of the plan being deemed complete and notify the applicant of the department’s approval or denial of the plan.

    207Rulemaking Authority 209395.401, 210395.405 FS. 212Law Implemented 214395.401 FS. 216History–New 8-3-88, Amended 12-10-92, Formerly 10D-66.104, Amended 11-24-02, 6-9-05, Formerly 22664E-2.019, 227Amended 3-25-09, 9-5-16.


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