64J-2.015. Process for Renewal of Trauma Centers  

Effective on Tuesday, April 20, 2010
  • 1(1) At least 14 months prior to the expiration of the trauma center’s certification, the department shall send, to each trauma center that is eligible to renew, a blank DH Form 2032R, 33January 20351360, 37Trauma Center Application to Renew, which is incorporated by reference and available from the department, 52as defined by subsection 6457J-258.00159(60461), F.A.C., 63in accordance with the provisions of this section. Within 15 calendar days after receipt, the trauma center choosing to renew its certification shall submit to the departm90ent the completed DH Form 2032R96.

    97(2) All renewing trauma centers shall receive an on-site survey after the department’s receipt 111of the completed DH Form 2032R117. The department shall notify each trauma center of the results of the site survey within 30 working days from completion of the site survey. If the trauma center desires to provide additional information regarding the results of the site survey to the department to be considered, the information must be provided in writing and be received by the department within 30 calendar days of the hospital’s receipt of the department’s notice. If the trauma center elects not to respond to the department’s notice within 30 calendar days, the department shall make the final determination of approval or denial based solely on information collected during the applicant’s site survey.

    226(3) At least 45 days prior to the expiration of the certification, the department shall simultaneously notify each facility in writing of their approval or denial to renew. If approved, this renewal certification shall be for a period of 7 years beginning the day after the current certification expires.

    275(4) A trauma center which does not desire to be re-approved shall follow the notification provisions of Section 293395.4025(8), F.S.

    295Rulemaking 296Authority 297395.4025, 298395.405 FS. 300Law Implemented 302395.401, 303395.402, 304395.4025, 305395.404, 306395.4045, 307395.405 FS. 309History–New 8-3-88, Amended 12-10-92, 1-23-96, Formerly 10D-66.111, Amended 3-15-98, 2-20-00, 6-9-05, 3203-5-08, 321Formerly 32264E-2.027, 323Amended 11-5-09, 3254-20-10.

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