65-2.044. Right to Request a Hearing  

Effective on Monday, April 2, 2018
  • 1Any applicant/recipient dissatisfied with the Department’s action or failure to act has a right to request a hearing. He/she may do so when it is believed that:

    28(1) Opportunity to make application has been denied.

    36(2) The application has been rejected.

    42(3) The application has not been acted upon within a reasonable length of time.

    56(4) The benefits have been modified or discontinued.

    64(5) Reconsideration of the assistance/service benefits is refused or delayed.

    74(6) Opportunity has not been given to make a choice of service.

    86(7) Any other Department action or inaction relating to public assistance eligibility is incorrect.

    100Rulemaking Authority 102409.285 FS. 104Law Implemented 106409.285 FS. 108History–New 5-17-78, Formerly 10-2.44, 10-2.044, Amended 4-2-18.


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