65A-1.203. Administrative Definitions  

Effective on Wednesday, September 18, 2013
  • 1Except as otherwise provided within, the following definitions apply to this chapter.

    13(1) Public Assistance: Food Assistance, Temporary Cash Assistance, Medicaid, Refugee Assistance, Optional State Supplementation.

    27(2) Economic Self-Sufficiency (ESS): The entity within the Department responsible for public assistance eligibility determination.

    42(3) Application: The ACCESS Florida Application, CF-ES 2337, 11/2011, incorporated by reference in Rule 5665A-1.205, 57F.A.C., or an ACCESS Florida Web Application, CF-ES 2353, 09/2011, incorporated by reference in Rule 7265A-1.205, 73F.A.C. An application must include at least the individual’s name, address and signature to initiate the application process.

    91(4) Date of Application: The date 97the Department receives an application. If a web or facsimile application is received after business hours, the next business day following receipt is the date of application. Applications may be submitted in person, by the postal system, facsimile or electronically.

    137(5) Intact Family: A living arrangement comprised of two parents and their mutual child(ren) including an unborn child.

    155(6) Assistance Group: All individuals within the standard filing unit who are potentially eligible for benefits.

    171(7) Standard Filing Unit: All individuals whose needs, income and/or assets are considered in the determination of eligibility for a category of assistance except individuals of any age who are prisoners, inmates, detainees or convicts under detention or custody of federal, state, or local penal, correctional, or other detention facilities or institutions for more than 30 days, are not eligible to participate even if they are participating in a residental Drug or Alcohol Treatment Program, including Department of Corrections and Department of Juvenile Justice facilities.

    256(8) Payee: The individual in whose name the assistance group benefits are issued 269and who assumes primary decision-making responsibility for the assistance group.

    279(9) Authorized/Designated Representative: An individual who has knowledge of the assistance group’s circumstances and is authorized to act responsibly on their behalf.

    301(10) Child in Care: Child(ren) who have been removed from the care of their parent(s) or relative(s), are under the temporary or permanent custody of the Department and receive Medicaid benefits.

    332(11) Florida Online Recipient Integrated Data Access (FLORIDA): The computer system used by ESS to assist in eligibility determination and benefit issuance.

    354(12) Mail: Written communication delivered by the postal system. Written communication delivered electronically to public assistance applicants, recipients and authorized/designated representatives who choose to receive electronic communication.

    381Rulemaking Authority 383409.919, 384414.095, 385414.45 FS. 387Law Implemented 389409.903, 390409.904, 391414.095, 392414.31 FS. 394History–New 4-9-92, Amended 11-22-93, Formerly 10C-1.203, Amended 11-30-98, 9-12-04, 7-23-06, 1-24-13, 9-18-13.


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