65A-1.302. Social Security Numbers  

Effective on Thursday, April 9, 1992
  • 1(1) To be eligible for public assistance, the individual must either provide the social security number (SSN) when known for each person whose needs are included in the assistance group or SFU or, apply for a SSN for each individual who either does not have a number assigned or whose number is unknown. The client’s verbal statement is sufficient to verify this information.

    64(2) If the SSN is unknown or has never been obtained, the individual must apply for a SSN through the local Department office or Social Security Administration (SSA) office. If the individual chooses to apply for a SSN through the Department Office, the eligibility specialist sends the completed form SS-5, Application for SSN, and original evidence of age, identification and citizenship to the local SSA office. Assistance is not denied, delayed, or discontinued when the individual (or his representative) has applied through the welfare enumeration system for a SSN, pending issuance and/or verification.

    157(3) If the individual (or his representative) fails to provide or apply for a SSN on his own behalf or on the behalf of the child(ren) without good cause, the needs of the individual or child, whichever is applicable, must be excluded from the assistance group.

    203Rulemaking Authority 205414.45 FS. 207Law Implemented 209409.903, 210409.904, 211410.033, 212414.095(2), 213414.31 FS. 215History–New 4-9-92, Formerly 10C-1.302.