65A-2.024. Determination of Continued Eligibility  

Effective on Sunday, December 16, 2001
  • 1(1) The individual receiving Optional State Supplementation (OSS) must notify the Department of changes in circumstances as indicated in subsection 2165A-2.022(3), 22F.A.C. The Department, in cooperation with the individual, must redetermine the individual’s eligibility for continued assistance at least annually.

    41(2) Individuals who do not cooperate with the Department by providing required information or documentation shall have their case terminated, as continuing eligibility cannot be established.

    67(3) If an individual leaves the special living arrangement for a period of 30 consecutive days, the individual is no longer eligible for continued OSS benefits and must reapply in order for their eligibility to be determined.

    104Rulemaking Authority 106409.212(7) FS. 108Law Implemented 110409.212 FS. 112History–New 1-1-77, Amended 10-7-80, Formerly 10C-2.24, 10C-2.024, Amended 12-16-01.


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