65C. Family Safety and Preservation Program  

65C-1. Home Care For Disabled Adults
65C-2. Community Care For Disabled Adults
65C-6. Domestic Violence
65C-9. Undocumented Foreign National Children
65C-10. Child Protective Investigations
65C-11. Protective Services
65C-12. Emergency Shelter Care
65C-13. Foster Care Licensing
65C-14. Child-Caring Agency Licensing
65C-15. Child-Placing Agencies
65C-16. Adoptions
65C-17. Master Trust
65C-19. Certification Of Public Agency Funds As Title Iv-E Match (Local Match Process)
65C-20. Family Day Care Standards And Large Family Child Care Homes
65C-22. Child Care Standards
65C-23. At-Risk Hardship Exemption And Prevention Services
65C-24. Relative Caregiver
65C-25. Specialized Child Care Facilities For The Care Of Mildly-Ill Children
65C-26. Teacher Education And Compensation Helps (T.E.A.C.H.) Scholarship Program
65C-27. Suitability Assessments
65C-28. Out-Of-Home Care
65C-29. Protective Investigations
65C-30. General Child Welfare Provisions
65C-31. Services To Young Adults Formerly In The Custody Of The Department
65C-32. Parent Education And Family Stabilization Course
65C-33. Child Welfare Training And Certification
65C-35. Psychotropic Medication For Children In Out Of Home Care
65C-38. State Automated Child Welfare System (Sacwis) Checks For The Placement Of Children
65C-41. Extended Foster Care
65C-42. Road To Independence
65C-43. Placement And Services For Commercially Sexually Exploited Children
65C-44. Guardianship Assistance Program
65C-45. Levels Of Licensure