65C-15. Child-Placing Agencies  

65C-15.001. Definitions
65C-15.002. Licensed Child-Placing Agencies
65C-15.003. Application and Licensing Study
65C-15.004. On-Site Visits and Complaint Investigation
65C-15.005. Disclosure
65C-15.006. Statement of Purpose
65C-15.010. Finances
65C-15.011. Changes in Agency Function or Purpose
65C-15.012. Notification of Critical Injury, Illness or Death
65C-15.013. Right to Privacy
65C-15.014. Office Equipment and Transportation
65C-15.015. Policies and Practices
65C-15.016. Staff Functions and Qualifications
65C-15.017. Personnel
65C-15.018. Staff Development
65C-15.019. Volunteers
65C-15.020. Intake Procedures and Practices for Children in Foster Care and Residential Care (Repealed)
65C-15.021. Placement Services to Families and Children in Foster Care and Residential Care
65C-15.022. Agency Services to Children in Foster Care (Repealed)
65C-15.023. Foster Home Licensing (Repealed)
65C-15.024. Foster Home Studies (Repealed)
65C-15.025. Monitoring and Annual Licensing Study (Repealed)
65C-15.026. Recommendations to Deny an Initial License or Revoke a Family Foster Home License
65C-15.027. The Agency's Responsibilities to Licensed Out-of-Home Caregivers
65C-15.028. Adoption Home Study
65C-15.029. Services to Adoptive and Birth Parents
65C-15.030. Case Records (Repealed)
65C-15.031. Child's Case Records
65C-15.032. Family Case Record
65C-15.033. Family Foster Home Records (Repealed)
65C-15.034. Adoptive Home Records
65C-15.035. Agency Closure
65C-15.036. Intercountry Adoption Services
65C-15.037. Interstate Adoptions