65C-30.006. Case Planning  

Effective on Sunday, December 22, 2019
  • 1(1) Each child under Department or contracted service provider’s supervision shall have a case plan 16developed and documented using the case plan functionality in FSFN using the Ongoing Family Functioning Assessment to guide case plane outcomes37.

    38(2) Case Plan Development.

    42(a) Case management shall develop a case plan in consultation with the family and child, if age and develpmentally appropriate.

    62(b) Prior to signing the case plan, the Department shall explain the provisions of the plan to all persons involved in its implementation, including, when appropriate, the child. 

    90(c) The case plan shall include the parent’s responsibility for the following:

    1021. Comply with the case plan so permanency with the child may occur within the shortest period of time possible, but no later than one (1) year after removal or adjudication of the child;

    1362. Notify all parties and the court of barriers to completing case plan tasks within seven (7) business  days of being made aware of the barrier;

    1623. Maintain contact with their attorney and their case manager and provide updated contact information if their phone number, address, or e-mail address changes; and

    1874. Provide the court and all parties with identification and location information for individuals who may be available as a placement for the child in out of home care. 

    216(3) The case manager shall seek court supervision of a case when the parent(s) are not demonstrating efforts to achieve case plan outcomes that address the child’s need for safety.

    246(4) Every case involving a child in an out-of-home placement shall be evaluated to determine if concurrent case planning is appropriate.

    267(5) The case manager shall:

    272(a) For judicial cases, refer parents for services no later than seven (7) calendar days after the date of the case plan approval by the court, unless the case plan specifies that a task may not be undertaken until another specified task has been completed or otherwise approved by the court.

    323(b) For non-judicial cases, refer parents for services no later than seven (7) calendar days after the date the case plan was signed by the parent.

    349(c) Ensure the parents have contact information for all entities necessary to complete the tasks in the case plan.

    368(d) Meet with the parent(s) to discuss plan progress, eliminate barriers to case progress, resolve conflicts or disagreements and discuss the expected frequency of such meetings.

    394(e) Ensure that tasks and services necessary to meet the child’s well-being needs 407as identified in the Family Functioning Assessment 414and the 416Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment (CBHA) are documented in the case plan and that 429services are obtained to meet 434these needs, including a referral within seven (7) days of removal for a CBHA for any child who is in out-of-home care and has been determined to be Medicaid enrolled, as per Rule 46765C-28.014, 468F.A.C.

    469(c) Ensure that visitation between a child in an out-of-home placement and his or her separated siblings, parents, relatives and other people of significance in the child’s life is addressed in the case plan.

    503(6) Case Plan Updates and Amendments.

    509(a) The case plan shall be updated or amended, as necessary in the following circumstances:

    5241. The court orders a change or makes decisions that affect the case plan,

    5382. There is a change in the child’s placement, which affects the case plan,

    5523. A change occurs with the parents protective capacities,

    5614. The child’s permanency goal changes,

    5675. New information concerning the child’s safety or well-being is obtained that was not available at the time the previous case plan was prepared, or

    5926. There was an error or oversight in the case plan.

    603(b) Prior to amending the case plan, the case manager shall:

    6141. Discuss the changes with the parents, guardian ad litem, current caregivers, service providers, the CLS attorney and the child, when appropriate,

    6362. Provide the CLS attorney with modifications to the case plan for filing with the court.

    652(c) Extraordinary Circumstances. If circumstances are so extraordinary that an extension of the case plan beyond 12 months is warranted and is in the child’s best interests, the reasons for the extension shall be specifically documented and presented to the court. The request for extension shall be made no later than the 12-month permanency review hearing with supportive documentation contained in the Judicial Review Social Study Report.

    719Rulemaking 720Authority 72139.012, 72239.0121(12), 723(13) FS. Law Implemented 72739.6011, 72839.6012, 72939.6013, 73039.602 FS. 732History–New 5-4-06, Amended 2-25-16, 12-22-19.