65C-32.005. Parenting Course Approval  

Effective on Sunday, April 17, 2016
  • 1(1) Each applicant seeking approval of a Parent Education and Family Stabilization course shall submit a formal course guidebook and attachments to the Department of Children and Families, Office of Child Welfare, for review.

    35(a) The formal course guidebook shall include:

    421. Course components pursuant to Rule 4865C-32.003, 49F.A.C.;

    502. Course learning objectives;

    543. All course materials, including instructor’s manuals and videos;

    634. Definitions of key terms. The key terms include legal and mental health terms to be introduced in the parenting course;

    845. End of course test;

    896. References. A list of resources to reference the source(s) of information in the course content;

    1057. Evaluation form. The provider may provide an evaluation form for participants upon completion of the parenting course. If an evaluation form is provided, it shall be included in the formal course guidebook; and,

    1398. Resource list. A list of available resources in and around the community that is furnished to each course participant.

    159(b) The attachments shall include:

    1641. Signed letter of introduction on letterhead;

    1712. Documentation that the curriculum is evidence-based or research-informed;

    1803. Resumes.  The provider shall submit the resumes of all instructors. Providers shall submit to the Department a cover letter and the resume of any instructor hired after initial approval of the course. The cover letter and resume shall be submitted within seven (7) business days of hire;

    2284. Accessibility. For online courses, the course provider shall provide a means for the Department to access their course for the approval process;

    2515. Communication. Each distance learning provider shall submit to the Department its means of communicating with the participant to answer questions or interact with the participant;

    2776. Instructional Techniques. A list of all instructional techniques used during the presentation of the course by a provider or instructor;

    2987. Language. Information regarding the availability of different languages in which the course is offered;

    3138. Registration Information. This requirement shall include course name, address, phone number, and email address of the provider, and website address if available;

    3369. Amount charged to participants for taking the course; and,

    34610. Indigent status fees. This requirement shall include a means for indigent parents to complete their course, such as scholarships, acceptance of court waivers, and sliding fee scales if available.

    376(2) Currently approved parenting courses must provide proof of compliance with Rules 38865C-32.003 389through 39065C-32.005, 391F.A.C., within six (6) months of the effective date of these rules. Failure to provide proof of compliance within six (6) months of the effective date of these rules shall result in revocation of course approval.

    427(3) Providers shall submit to the Department an updated formal course guidebook or updated attachments when any information provided to the Department for initial approval changes. An updated formal course guidebook or updated attachments shall be submitted within seven (7) business days of the change.

    472(4) Parenting course approval is valid for three (3) years.

    482Rulemaking Authority 48461.21(3)(e) FS. 486Law Implemented 48861.21(3) FS. 490History–New 11-25-07, Amended 4-17-16.


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