65C-32.006. Parenting Course Approval Process  

Effective on Sunday, April 17, 2016
  • 1(1) The approval process shall be:

    7(a) The Department shall notify the provider via letter or email within five (5) business days of receipt of the application packet;

    29(b) The Department shall review the packet within 30 business days of notification to the applicant;

    45(c) After a review of the packet, the Department shall notify the applicant whether the course is approved or whether additional information is needed;

    69(d) The applicant shall have 90 calendar days provide the additional information;

    81(e) If the additional information is provided within 90 calendar days, the Department shall make a final determination on approval of the course. If the additional information is not provided within 90 calendar days, the Department shall return the application packet with a letter indicating that the course is not approved.

    132(2) The Department shall approve all applications that meet the criteria set forth in Section 14761.21(2), F.S., 149and Rules 65C-32.002-.005, F.A.C.

    153(3) The notification of Department approval shall be included in all course materials.

    166Rulemaking Authority 16861.21(3)(e) FS. 170Law Implemented 17261.21(3) FS. 174History–New 11-25-07, Amended 4-17-16.


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