65C-32.008. Revocation of Approval

Effective on Sunday, April 17, 2016
  • 1The following shall subject a parenting course to revocation of approval:

    12(1) A verified finding that course approval or certification was obtained by fraudulent means, such as providing documentation for approval which was based on false documentation;

    38(2) A verified finding that a course has been altered in any manner, such as course contents or change of course materials, that is contrary to course requirements per Section 6861.21(2), F.S., 70or Rules 65C-32.002-.005, F.A.C.;

    74(3) Providing mental health therapy to participants;

    81(4) Providing individual legal advice to participants;

    88(5) Solicitation of participants from the sessions to become private clients or patients;

    101(6) The use of the Department’s past or present logo; or

    112(7) Failure to comply with subsection 11865C-32.005(2), 119F.A.C.

    120Rulemaking Authority 12261.21(3)(e) FS. 124Law Implemented 12661.21(3) FS. 128History–New 11-25-07, Amended 4-17-16.


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