65C-33.006. Full Certification  

Effective on Thursday, December 24, 2015
  • 1(1) A provisionally certified Child Welfare Professional must meet the following requirements to earn Full Certification:

    17(a) Complete 1,040 hours of on-the-job experience in his or her certification designation;

    31(b) Complete six (6) field observations, as defined by the Third Party Credentialing Entity;

    45(c) Have 20 hours of individual supervision;

    52(d) Have 10 hours of group supervision; and,

    60(e) Have an additional 10 hours of individual and/or group supervision with an attestation from the supervisor that the Child Welfare Professional has the ability to competently perform child welfare services.

    91(2) Absent special circumstances, a Child Welfare Professional has one (1) year from provisional certification to attain full certification.

    110(3) 111The Third Party Credentialing Entity is responsible for issuing full certification certificates and maintaining a certification database.

    128Rulemaking Authority 130402.40 FS. 132Law Implemented 134402.40 FS. 136History–New 10-14-10, Amended 12-24-15.


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