65C-33.014. Third Party Credentialing Entities’ Application and Review Process  

Effective on Thursday, December 24, 2015
  • 1(1) Each Third Party Credentialing Entity applying for Department approval pursuant to Section 14402.40, F.S., 16shall submit to the Office of Child Welfare at 1317 Winewood Boulevard, Building 1, 3rd floor, Tallahassee, Florida 32399, the following documentation for review:

    40(a) Letter of introduction;

    44(b) Proof of nonprofit status;

    49(c) Proof that the applicant has accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies and has completed the Commission’s self-assessment checklist;

    70(d) Listing of professional requirements and standards that child welfare applicants must achieve in order to obtain and maintain a certification;

    91(e) Examination instruments used to assess mastery of core competencies and that comply with the National Commission for Certifying Agencies’ certification and psychometric standards;

    115(f) Professional code of ethics and disciplinary process for all persons holding child welfare certification, including a process for immediate notification to employing agencies upon indication that one of their employees has violated the code of ethics;

    152(g) Description of the applying entity’s database of all persons holding child welfare certification, that includes any history of ethical violations and how the database will be available to the public;

    183(h) Listing of the annual continuing education requirements for persons holding child welfare certification;

    197(i) Description of a continuing education provider program to ensure that only qualified providers offer continuing education opportunities for those certified; and,

    219(j) Procedures requiring the maintenance of an advisory committee, including representatives from each region of the Department, each sheriff’s office providing child protective services, and each community-based care lead agency, who shall be appointed by the organization they represent.

    258(2) Upon receipt of an application, the Department shall review the application and, within 30 days after such receipt, notify the applicant of any apparent errors or omissions and request any additional information.

    291(a) The applicant shall have 30 days to submit additional information.

    302(b) For good cause shown, the Department will grant a request for an extension of time for submitting the additional information.

    323(c) An application is complete upon receipt of all requested information and correction of any error or omission for which the applicant was timely notified.

    348(d) An application must be approved or denied within 90 days after receipt of an application or receipt of the additional information, when applicable.

    372(e) Approval or denial shall be based on whether the applicant meets the standards set forth in Section 390402.40(3), F.S.

    392(3) Each applicant shall be given written notice, by certified mail, that the Department intends to grant or deny, or has granted or denied, the application to become a credentialing entity.

    423(a) The notice shall be given within 30 days of the Department’s decision and shall state with particularity the grounds or basis for the issuance or denial of the application.

    453(b) The application will be denied if the applicant fails to meet the requirements prescribed in Section 470402.40(3), F.S., 472or if there is a lack of funding.

    480Rulemaking Authority 482402.40(6) FS. 484Law Implemented 486402.40(3) FS. 488History–New 12-24-15.


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