65C-42.003. Aftercare Services  

Effective on Sunday, October 4, 2015
  • 1(1) Eligibility. A young adult is eligible for Aftercare Services if he or she:

    15(a) Reached the age of 18 while in licensed foster care, but is not yet 23 years of age. 34A young adult is considered to have been living in licensed care on the date of his or her 1854th 55birthday if the young adult was in the legal custody of the Department on the date of his or her 1876th 77birthday;

    78(b) Is not in Extended Foster Care pursuant to Section 8839.6251, F.S.

    90(2) Application for Aftercare Services. Designated staff shall assist a young adult who is requesting Aftercare Services in completing the “Application for Aftercare Services,” CF-FSP 5391, incorporated in paragraph 12065C-42.002(3)(e), 121F.A.C122.

    123(3) If the application is not completed at the time of the request for referrals or services, designated staff shall offer to assist the young adult in completing the application within 10 business days. Referrals may be provided prior to the completion of the application.

    168(4) A 170young adult seeking Aftercare Services and Support shall also complete an “Aftercare Services Plan,” CF-FSP 5400, January 2015, incorporated by reference and available at 195https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-05835197. 198A community-based care lead agency may add its logo to form CF-FSP 5400. 211The Aftercare Services Plan shall be completed by the designated staff in consultation with the young adult.

    228(5) 229All young adults with diagnosed disabilities or mental health needs shall be provided with an equal opportunity to receive Aftercare Services. A young adult with a diagnosed disability or mental health need may need additional support; therefore, the designated staff shall work in consultation with all of the young adult’s service providers, guardian ad litem, and attorney, if applicable.

    288(6) The Aftercare Services Plan shall:

    294(a) Include the amount of temporary financial assistance being provided and the specific reason(s) for the assistance; and,

    312(b) Include the specific activities the young adult will complete in order to achieve self-sufficiency or transition into extended foster care or PESS.

    335(7) 336In assessing the young adult’s needs, designated staff may consider such details as eviction notices, utility terminations, and moving expenses.

    356(8) The designated staff shall re-assess the Aftercare Services Plan every three (3) months for as long as services are provided. The community-based care lead agency may discontinue Aftercare Services if the young adult has not made efforts to complete the activities outlined in his or her Aftercare Services Plan.

    406(9) Processing Application for Aftercare Services.

    412(a) Designated staff shall have 10 business 419days from the date of submission to review the application and approve or deny the award.

    435(b) If the application is denied, designated staff shall notify the young adult within 10 business days of submitting the application. Designated staff shall also provide the young adult with information detailing the procedure for appeal and the 473brochure “Due Process Rights,” 478CF/PI 175-74, 480which is incorporated by reference in subparagraph 48765C-42.002(3)(f)3., 488F.A.C489. Designated staff shall notify the young adult of other available services, including Extended Foster Care, funding through PESS or Education and Training Vouchers, and services that are locally available.

    519(10) If the request for assistance is to prevent homelessness, no application is required before services are provided and services shall be provided as expeditiously as possible, but in no case longer than 24 hours. 554If the application is not completed at the time of the request for referrals or services, designated staff shall offer to assist the young adult in completing the application within 10 business days.

    587(11) Providing Aftercare Services.

    591(a) Once approved, services shall be provided as soon as they are available. Referrals for services shall be provided to the young adult as expeditiously as possible and no later than 10 business days of approval.

    627(b) Cash assistance shall be provided directly to a vendor for such items as security deposits for rent or utilities, until such time designated staff and the young adult determine the young adult can successfully manage the full amount of the assistance.

    669(12) Portability. The services provided under this rule are portable across county lines and between lead agencies. The service needs that are identified when a young adult applies for Aftercare Services shall be provided by the lead agency where the young adult is currently residing but shall be funded by the lead agency that approved the application.

    726(13) 727Confidentiality. The young adult’s status as a former foster youth and recipient of public benefits is confidential and shall not be revealed to anyone without the young adult’s permission.

    756(14) Documentation requirements. For 760each young adult receiving Aftercare Services, the Department or its contracted service provider shall maintain an active case file in the Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN) containing:

    787(a) Requests for service referrals;

    792(b) Requests for temporary cash assistance;

    798(c) The Aftercare Services Plan, incorporated by reference in subsection (4), of this rule; and,

    813(d) Documentation showing case management assistance given to the young adult to access the services directly.

    829Rulemaking Authority 831409.1451(10) FS. 833Law Implemented 835409.1451 FS. 837History–New 10-4-15.


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