65C-43.003. Criteria for Certification of Safe Houses  

Effective on Thursday, October 24, 2019
  • 1(1) Certification of Safe Houses.

    6(a) Certification Standards. The Regional Licensing Authority must collect the following from the prospective safe house provider to include in the licensing file:

    291. An “Application for Certification as a Safe Foster Home or Safe House,” CF-FSP 5403, February 2015, incorporated by reference and available at 53http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-0622555.

    562. A copy of the group home’s current license and summary of the group home’s licensing history and placement capacity.

    763. A program description outlining the population, gender, and geographical area served by the safe house, and admission and discharge criteria for the safe house.

    1014. A signed “105Prudent Parenting Partnership Plan for Sexually Exploited Children or Young Adults,116” CF-FSP 5404, February 2015, incorporated by reference and available at 127http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-06226;

    1295. Documentation of compliance with the requirements applicable to safe houses set forth in paragraphs 144409.1678(2)(c)-145(d), F.S.

    1476. Documentation of personnel qualifications. Personnel qualifications shall meet the requirements prescribed in rule 16165C-14.023, 162F.A.C.

    1637. Documentation of compliance with staffing requirements.

    170a. There shall be at least one (1) direct care staff member to every four (4) children or young adults at all times.

    193b. The agency shall ensure 24-hour-a-day supervision of the children and young adults in its care.

    209c. Supervision plan policies and procedures shall be approved by the Regional Licensing Authority. Approval shall occur during the initial certification process.

    2318. Documentation, including photographs, of compliance with interior space requirements.

    241a. The facility shall have at least one (1) bedroom for every two (2) children or young adults.

    259b. 260The bedrooms shall have 50 square feet for the initial occupant and an additional 50 square feet for each additional occupant, and a ceiling height of at least 7 feet, 6 inches.

    2929. A copy of the facility’s security plan.

    30010. The group home shall provide documentation of the following services:

    311a. Plan for victim-witness counseling;

    316b. Family counseling;

    319c. Behavioral health care;

    323d. Treatment, and intervention for sexual assault;

    330e. Substance abuse screening and treatment, if applicable;

    338f. Life skills and workforce training;

    344g. Education tailored to the needs of the child or young adult;

    356h. Survivor mentoring support by a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation;

    367i. Planning services for the successful transition of the child or young adult back to the community; and

    385j. Activities schedule.

    38811. A copy of the admission plan.

    395a. The admission plan shall identify any exclusionary criteria. This must include criteria for requests for change of placement and early or unsuccessful discharge.

    419b. The admission plan shall outline the intake and discharge procedures and require the completion of an ongoing treatment plan that addresses the individualized needs of each child or young adult.

    45012. Documentation of pre-service, including specialized training in commercial sexual exploitation, pursuant to subsections 46465C-43.004(1)-465(2), F.A.C., and continuing educational training hours, if applicable.

    474(b) Prior to approval, the Regional Licensing Authority shall review policies and procedures for all services and security plans to ensure they meet minimum standards as set forth in paragraphs 504409.1678 505(2)(c)-(d), F.S., including an emergency response plan with local law enforcement agencies.

    517(c) Changes made to any policies and procedures shall be submitted to the Regional Licensing Authority within 10 business days of the proposed change. Changes shall be reviewed prior to implementation to ensure they meet minimum standards as set forth in subsection 559409.1678(2), F.S.

    561(2) Approval Process for Certification of Safe Houses.

    569(a) Upon receipt of a safe house certification application, the Regional Licensing Authority shall request from the child-caring agency any supporting documentation that is needed within 10 business days of receipt of the recommendation.

    603(b) The child-caring agency shall have 30 business days to provide the supporting documentation to the Regional Licensing Authority. If no additional information is provided, or if it is provided after 30 business days, the certification application shall be denied.

    643(c) The Regional Licensing Authority shall have 90 days following receipt of a certification application packet to approve or deny the application.

    665(d) If the application for certification is denied, the Regional Licensing Authority shall, within 10 business days of the denial decision, send the child-caring agency a letter specifying the certification standards that were not met.

    700(e) If the application for certification is approved, the Regional Licensing Authority shall amend the license to include language that the group home is certified as a safe house.

    729Rulemaking Authority 731409.1678(2)(c)7., 732(2)(e) FS. Law Implemented 736409.1678 FS. 738History–New 1-12-16, Amended 10-24-19.