65D-30.003. Department Licensing and Regulatory Standards  

Effective on Thursday, August 29, 2019
  • 1(1) Licensing.

    3(a) License Required. All substance use abuse components, as defined in subsection 1565D-30.002(17), 16F.A.C., must be provided by persons or entities that are licensed by the Department pursuant to section 33397.401, F.S., 35unless otherwise exempt from licensing under section 397.4012, F.S., prior to initiating the provision of services.

    51(b) Licenses Issued by Component. The Department shall electronically issue one license for each service component offered by a 70provider. A separate license is not required for the same component. A 82license is valid only for the specific service component listed for each specific location identified on the license. Each location listed on the license shall reflect the license type for that component. 114The provider shall print the most recent version of the license and display a copy in each facility providing the licensed service component. 137One (1) license is required where all facilities are maintained on the same premises and operated under the same management. If there are multiple buildings on the same premises, the buildings must appear as part of one (1) entity.

    176For the purposes of paragraph (b), living arrangements utilized for individuals of day or night treatment with community housing do not constitute facilities or separate premises.

    202(2) Mandatory Accreditation.

    205(a) In accordance with section 210397.403(3), F.S., 212providers shall achieve accreditation by an accrediting organization recognized by the Department, as discussed in rule 22865D-30.0031, F.A.C. Accreditation is required or all clinical treatment services 238and for each location services are offered. Accreditation cannot be attained without a Department issued license for substance abuse treatment services.

    259(b) Applicants for licensure and licensed service providers must meet current best practice standards related to the licensable service components of the accrediting organization. 283When a provider who has attained accreditation is in noncompliance with accrediting standards, the provider must notify the Department within 10 days. A copy of the Quality Assurance plan and proof of corrected areas must be submitted to the Department upon request.

    325Rulemaking Authority 327397.321(5) FS. 329Law Implemented 331397.321(6), 332397.403, 333397.410 FS. History–New 5-25-00, Amended 4-3-03, 12-12-05, 8-29-19.