65E-16.001. Definitions  

Effective on Thursday, September 19, 2019
  • 1(1) “IPMP” or “the Program” means the Indigent Psychiatric Medication Program.

    12(2) “IPMP/FSH Warehouse” means a physical space located on the campus of Florida State Hospital (FSH) at Chattahoochee, Florida. This space is reserved for receiving, storing, and shipping IPMP psychiatric medications.

    43(3) “Managing Entity” means a corporation as defined in Section 53394.9082(2)(e), F.S.

    55(4) “Provider” means an agency that contracts with a Managing Entity to provide substance abuse and mental health services in accordance with Chapters 394 and 397, F.S.

    82(5) “Psychiatric Medication” means any drug prescribed with the primary intent to stabilize or improve mood, mental status, symptoms of behavioral health disorders, mental health or substance use disorders. The medications include the following major categories:

    118(a) Antipsychotics;

    120(b) Antidepressants;

    122(c) Anxiolytics;

    124(d) Mood stabilizers;

    127(e) Cerebral or psychomotor stimulants;

    132(f) Beta blockers,

    135(g) Anticonvulsants,

    137(h) Cognition enhancers, and

    141(i) Opiate blockers.

    144Rulemaking Authority 146394.676(2) FS. 148Law Implemented 150394.676 FS. 152History–New 9-19-19.