65G-5.005. Selection of Providers by Participants.  

Effective on Wednesday, January 18, 1995
  • 1(1) Individuals may choose from among the available providers within the area. Every effort shall be made to ensure that the individual receives services from the provider of his or her choice. Eligible individuals who wish to receive services through the Medicaid CSLA state plan option must choose from among the available CSLA providers.

    55(2) The individual’s support coordinator shall provide information to the individual verbally and in writing concerning the philosophy and scope of services available from each supported living provider and shall assist the individual as needed in the screening and selection of a provider.

    98Rulemaking Authority 100393.501(1) FS. 102Law Implemented 104393.063(45), 105393.066 FS. 107History–New 1-18-95, Formerly 10F-11.004, 65B-11.004.