65G-5.007. Individual Survey Activities.  

Effective on Wednesday, January 18, 1995
  • 1(1) The individual shall be asked at least annually to complete a survey that addresses his or her satisfaction with service delivery and the extent to which the individual’s desired outcomes identified in Rule 3565G-5.003, 36F.A.C., have been achieved.

    40(2) If the individual desires or needs assistance to complete the survey, he or she shall be asked to identify a person or persons to assist on a volunteer basis in reviewing the supports and services that the individual has received.

    81(3) The survey process shall be distinct from the support planning process; however, the individual may choose to include some or all of the persons who assist the individual in support planning.

    113(4) Persons who are selected by the individual to assist in the survey process may be family members, friends, or neighbors of the individual; however, paid staff providing direct supported living services to an individual may not assist in survey activities for that individual.

    157(5) The results of the survey shall be reported to the staff person designated by the area office who will follow up on any concerns raised.

    183(6) The area office shall forward results of individual survey activities to the Agency’s central office for submission to the state supported living services monitoring board.

    209Rulemaking Authority 211393.501(1) FS. 213Law Implemented 215393.063(45), 216393.066 FS. 218History–New 1-18-95, Formerly 10F-11.008, 65B-5.008.